Slip Sliding Away: Earthquakes


Welcome to the website created by Melissa Filotas!  Did you ever ask yourself the following questions?

  • What does an earthquake look like?
  • What causes earthquakes?
  • Can earthquakes be predicted?
  • What was it like to survive an earthquake?
  • Why are there, sometimes, tsunamis after earthquakes?
  • Is it possible to prepare for an earthquake?

 The answers to these questions, and many more, will be revealed throughout this website!  Enjoy!



Earthquakes come quickly and are always unexpected.  The ground begins to shake, and there is a rumbling sound, similar to a train or a large truck.  Inside buildings, dishes fall out of cabinets and break, pictures fall off the walls, and furniture topples over.  If it is nighttime, everything goes dark because the electricity goes out.  Everybody runs into the street from their houses to escape injury.  All this chaos is over in the blink of an eye - a few seconds or a few minutes.  If the earthquake is very strong, the people will notice that buildings and bridges have collapased, roads have caved in, and many people are left in the streets injured and homeless (Heiligman, 2002, pp. 3-6).

Click on the following links to see and hear what an earthquake is like:

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